Poster Design with Justified Text

research poster normal text

Normal “Aligned Left” Text

justified text research poster
Justified Text

Most paragraphs that we see on research posters use the standard “align left” text that you see on the first example to the right. Choosing this option, which is the default in PowerPoint, gives what we believe to be the best results. Text is evenly spaced and goes down to the next line if the length of the line exceeds the column width.

“Justified” text, in the second example, is forced to line up on either side of the column. Space is added between words and letters to make that happen.

As you can see from the bottom two lines of the example, it can really stretch things out. We think that makes the words hard to read, and detracts from your research poster.

Our recommendation is to stay with aligned left text for your research poster.


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