Scientific Poster Printed on Vinyl

Vinyl Scientific Research Poster
Vinyl Research Poster

We print a lot of vinyl banners here at MegaPrint Inc., and we print a lot of research posters. But I think this is the first time ever we made a research poster on vinyl! Our customer wanted a durable poster that could be used year after year, and was pretty convinced that a vinyl banner was the right thing to do.

Well, why not?

It looks great, and for sure it will be a tougher thing than a paper poster, or even a laminated poster. The colors are bright and the text is nice and sharp. We think it turned out great!

Of course, our online ordering didn’t have vinyl as a choice, but we just asked our customer to ask for vinyl in the special instructions. Turns our the pricing is not much different than that of a paper poster. And, the guys in the banner shop had a change of pace!


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